7 Habits of Highly Effective People

1: Be Proactive

The proactive approach to a slip-up is to admit it promptly, correct and learn from it. ~DR. STEPHEN R. COVEY

Pro-Active means you usually show responsibility in your life. You never blame your elders or others for your failure. you usually move your life forward and never reminisce. Pro-Active People never blame genetics, circumstances, and conditioning for his or her behavior. Whereas Reactive people are often suffering from their physical environment.

“I am not a creation of my positions.  I’m a creation of my decisions.”
All of the external forces act as motivations that we reply to. Pro-Active people are au fate of virtually every single situation. The foremost important thing is to carry yourself in control of what you’ve got said. He Knows that the words that set out of your mouth reflect your personality. A proactive person uses proactive thoughts–I can, I will, I choose, etc. Whereas on the opposite hand a reactive person either thinks that he’s not chargeable for what he says or that he can’t couple all the time, if only he wished that something like this might happen as he keeps expressing his thoughts, resultantly that kind of people get never succeed in their life. Proactive people are always helping others. They assist poor people. They work on the problems of health, education, poverty, and also the helpless people. This habit makes proactive people successful in his life.

2: Begin with the tip in Mind

Your most important work is often sooner than you, never behind you. ~STEPHEN R. COVEY

Always specialize in the things time, energy, money you can control. So, what would you prefer to be after you grow up? This question could appear strange, but you want to consider it for an instant. Are you doing –right now– what you would like to realize within the future? Are you doing what you’ve got been dreaming or dreaming of till today? Sometimes an individual Considers himself a winner, which is nothing but an empty success. If your ladder doesn’t slot in the correct place along the wall, every step you are taking will quickly constitute the incorrect place.

People are working harder than ever, but because they lack clarity and vision, they aren’t getting very far. They, in essence, are pushing a rope with all of their might. ~STEPHEN R. COVEY


This habit is predicated on the mind’s eye–the capability to imagine in your mind what you can’t at this time see together with your eyes. it’s supported the assumption that each one thing is created twice. There is two creations, One is a mental creation, and also the second is physical creation.
Man’s physical creation follows the mind. What if an individual doesn’t try and work out who he is? And what does he want to try and do together with his life, then you permit others and circumstances to work out you and your life by default?

One of the simplest ways to fit this habit into your life is to develop a private mission statement that examines who you’re and what you wish to be in your real world. And it confirms that you simply will specialize in your life goals. And move your ideas to reality. Your mission statement causes you to the leader of your life. so you write your own destiny and so turn the dreams that you simply have seen into the interpretation.

3: Put First Things First

Effective leadership is putting first things first.


Effective management is discipline, carrying it out. ~DR. STEPHEN R. COVEY

This habit Implement on most imperative priorities. In order to own a balanced life, you’ve got to avoid getting entangled all told the problems that come up. You’ve got to concentrate on your goals, otherwise, you may not be ready to specialize in your goals. Always live a balanced life and there’s no must overstretch yourself.

Putting first things, first means forming and implementing around your most vital main concern. It’s living and being motivated by the principles you value most, not by the outlines and forces surrounding you.


This habit is about life supervision as well–your determination, morals, roles, and priorities. By adopting this habit you’ll become a successful person in life.

4: Think Win-Win

When one side benefits quite the opposite, that’s a win-lose situation. To the winner it’d seem like success for a long time, but within the future, it varieties bitterness and distrust. ~DR. STEPHEN R. COVEY

Work efficiently with others to realize ideal results. Think Win-Win isn’t about being enjoyable; neither is it a quick-fix method. it’s a character-based code for human interaction and teamwork. Most people learn to base their autonomy on comparison and competition. Even as we consider someone’s defeat to be our victory, even as if you win, I lose, and if I lose, you win. Thus life becomes a game of zero.

“In the future, if it isn’t a win for both people, we both lose. That’s why win-win is that the only real alternate in mutually dependent realities.”


Win-win sees life as a field of mutual cooperation, not competition. Win-win could be a frame of mind and heart that seeks mutual value all told human interactions. Winning means agreements or keys are dependent and satisfying. A person or group that methodologies battles with a win-win attitude own three energetic character behaviors:

     1.Honesty: stabbing along with your true spirits, values, and promises.

     2. Prime of life: Express your thoughts and feelings with courage and consideration for the thoughts and feelings of others

     3. Plenty Mentality: believing there’s plenty for everybody

5: Seek First to know, then to Be Understood.

Most people don’t listen with the will understand; they listen with the shall reply. ~DR. STEPHEN R. COVEY

Communicate effectively at every level of the organization. Communication is that the most significant skill of life which is a vital part of success in life. You spent a few years of your life learning to read and write. But have you ever thought that you simply are capable of understanding another person in depth? Probably not, right?

If I were to review in one sentence the one most essential principle I’ve got well-read within the field of relational affairs, it’d be this: Strive for first to grasp, then to be understood. ~DR. STEPHEN R. COVEY

If you’re like most of the opposite people, you wish to be understood. you would like to urge your point across. And by doing so, you’ll completely ignore the opposite person. Make-believe that you’re listening, selectively hear only sure parts of the discussion, or responsively target only the words being said, but miss the meaning entirely. So have you ever thought about why this happens? Because the general public listens with the intent to reply, to not understand. after you hear yourself, you prepare yourself for what you’re visiting say, the questions you’re visiting ask, etc. You separate out your life experiences, everything you hear through your frame of reference.

You examine what you hear against your biography and see how supplying you with results. Thus, you opt impulsively for what the opposite person means before he/she finishes communicating. Do any of the subsequent sound aware?

You may be saying, “Hey, now wait a moment. I’m just trying to speak to the person by sketching on my very own experiences. Is that so bad?” In some circumstances, autobiographical responses are also suitable, like when another person exactly asks for help from your point of view or when there’s already an awfully high level of trust within the relationship.

6: Synergize

Synergy is healthier than my way or your way. It’s our way. ~DR. STEPHEN R. COVEY

Reform and problem solve with people who have a unique point of view. You’ll be able to simply say, that synergy is “Two heads are far better than one”. Synergy meaning that what two persons can do, one can never. Synergy may be a habit of creative collaboration. It’s teamwork, it’s an adventure to search out the new solutions to old problems together. This work would never be done alone.

It’s a complete process and thru it people bring all their personal experiences and skills to the table, by this fashion they will come up with many better results together. Sitting together always reveals things that can’t be alone. it’s almost impossible to get along. it’s thought to be larger than the sum of the parts. One plus one equals three, or six, or sixty – you name it.

Synergy isn’t the identical as settlement. in a very settlement, one plus one equals one and a half at the best. ~STEPHEN R. COVEY

When people really start lecture one another, they’re getting hospitable to each other’s influence. As they start to achieve new insights and their ability to come back up with new perspectives increases exponentially because of differences.

7: Sharpen the Saw

We must not ever become too busy sawing to require time to sharpen the saw. ~DR. STEPHEN R. COVEY

Always improve yourself personally and professionally and keep updating yourself. Sharpening a saw means you secure and improve your prime asset. This implies that you simply should create a balanced program for self-renewal all told four zones of your life, physically, socially / emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
Here are a few examples of those form of activities:

Physical: Suitable eating, workout, and relaxing.

Social/Emotional: Making community and meaningful connections with others.

Mental: Learning, reading, writing, and teaching

Spiritual: Spending time in natural surroundings, growing mystical self through deliberation, art, or service.

Regeneration is that the belief—and the process—that permits us to maneuver on rising spiral of growth and alter, of continuous improvement. ~STEPHEN R. COVEY

When you renew yourself all told four areas, you discover an excellent positive change and progress in your life. Sharpening your vision keeps you sharp so you’ll be able to follow the opposite six habits and emerge as a successful person. so you easily cater to the challenges around you and increase your abilities. Without this renewal. , The body becomes weak, the brain motorized, the emotions uncooked, the numb soul, and therefore the person egotistic. Not a sweet picture, is it?

You can spoil yourself mentally and psychologically. otherwise, you are also neglecting your own well-being. you’ll be able to experience kinetic energy otherwise, you can kindle physiological state and therefore the benefits of exercise. you’ll revive yourself and face a replacement day in peace and accord or otherwise, you may get up within the morning feeling emotionless because you have got stopped walking. Just remember that each day provides a brand new opportunity for renewal. a brand new opportunity to renew yourself rather than striking the wall. Need, knowledge, and skill are taken only in it.

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