Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Technology has proven to be the better half of humans, the most potentially growing field in advanced technology is supported by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a regime where unlike human intelligence that is linked with natural consciousness, machines are trained to support humans. With the improvement in technology, machines are transformed from simple wheel to fully autonomous vehicles, this indicates the phenomenal improvement in the machine learning domain, the main core of this technology relies on artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is now commonly used in daily routine, even in some cases work could not be achieved without relying on artificial intelligence, on one hand, artificial intelligence has huge advantages, there are certain disadvantages linked with it too. The capability of machines to perform certain tasks that are trained under human supervision is called artificial intelligence, the prediction based on learning is the novelty of this concept. Artificial intelligence can be linked with the human brain, where after learning the first brain have the capabilities to achieve a certain decision, therefore major advantages of artificial intelligence are decision making, problem-solving, optimization, autonomy, and virtual reality.

Years of academic innovation resulted in the present state of artificial intelligence, the advent of artificial intelligence is found near 1955 as an academic discipline, at the start no promising results were achieved, and due to lack of support it was put aside, however, on the little scale, there was some progress in this domain that resulted in the current state of artificial intelligence. In 2015, artificial intelligence found global recognition when its applications were found in neuroscience and robotics. The rest of history indicates little improvement and artificial intelligence was divided into several sub-domains most of which often do not communicate with each other. Over the years artificial intelligence has grown into a global phenomenon that has both advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Humans are supreme species; however, history indicates that human makes certain errors during everyday decision making, this error is reduced with the involvement of artificial intelligence, the advantages of artificial intelligence are huge, some of the most advantages of artificial intelligence are discussed as follows that have revolutionized the world.

Risks are part of daily life, some risks provide better endings however most of the time it meets drastic ends, therefore, machines can take risks instead of humans, which is the biggest advantage of artificial intelligence. The advantages of artificial intelligence are shown with the development of robots that can take readings in military and nuclear areas; many military robots are performing superbly by reducing the casualties. Robots are also deployed on mars and the moon in place of humans, hence reducing risk, in high radiation areas human life could be lost, the biggest incident of radiation disaster was in Ukraine known as the Chernobyl explosion. At that time there were no artificially operated robots to reduce the radiation, hence huge humans’ lives were lost during the explosion, its impact is still present where no human or animal life is possible at place of explosion even after decades.

Humans are prone to sleep deprivation which in some cases could prove fatal, like in healthcare, security, etc. the advantage of artificial intelligence, in this case, is its availability 24/7. The average working routine of humans is 6-12 hours, after that they require rest, while in artificial intelligence it is not needed, and machines could perform their job without break. The phrase human error is commonly heard throughout mankind’s history, computers are free from this term due to the advantages of artificial intelligence. The core of artificial intelligence is human programming if code properly they outlast humans in terms of superiority and efficiency. The benefit of artificial intelligence is to perform tasks precisely with reducing risks and the chance of achieving accuracy with greater precision.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

As every light ends with darkness, artificial intelligence has drawbacks too, the biggest drawback of artificial intelligence is the high cost of creation. Like every technology, highly sophisticated tools are required for the development of artificial intelligence, which involves supercomputers, moreover, the maintenance and repairing cost is also constant for every machine. Too much relying on machines makes not only humans lazy but also causing human disabilities, the biggest example of artificial intelligence drawback is automobiles, now more distances could be covered, however, human obesity is at a record high. Artificial intelligence addiction may cause more problems for future generations. Human unemployment is another major drawback of artificial intelligence, in big industries machines have taken the work of thousands of workers, most of the artificial applications are in repetitive tasks. Organizations are looking to replace low qualified individuals with artificially intelligent robots that can achieve better efficiency.

Machines could never replace humans, as machines tend to perform only those tasks whom they are programmed or designed for, thus machines lack out of box thinking. Artificial intelligence lacks certain behaviors that make them in some way inferior to humans, the human main ability is to learn from experience and improve, this is a major drawback of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence could store, process, and evaluate huge chunks of data, but it cannot utilize it like that of human intelligence. In short, the machine could not achieve the excellence of their makers, the human ability is measured with the level of creativeness, creativity is appreciated however, this is a disadvantage of artificial intelligence as it lacks creativity. Although high efficiency and precision in work are achieved using artificial intelligence, however, due to high rates of unemployment GDP is not growing and remaining stagnant.


Artificial intelligence is designed to aid humans, there are advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence could be superior to humans in some domains, while in a similar manner may lack in other areas, the machine could never achieve the excellence of its maker. Artificial intelligence is now part of robotics, automation, industry, healthcare, and almost every other application area, however, it also lacks human-like thinking, it ought to think like a human but never create the same creativity. Artificial intelligence is the tool of humans to achieve stagnant tasks, it can be a stepping stone for the future, therefore, its disadvantages could be reduced by making rules and laws for using this technology.

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