After Pigeons, India takes Balloon Like PIA into custody in Occupied Kashmir

According to the Indian news agency ANI, Indian authorities on Wednesday seized a large balloon resembling a Pakistan International Airline in which the Pakistani flag and the structure of the PIA could be clearly seen.

According to the report, a special balloon with the name, logo and livery colors of the national flag was found in Sutra Chak village of Hira Nagar sector on Tuesday evening.

Indian authorities were unable to immediately determine where the balloon like aircraft came from, and a preliminary investigation is under way.

Fluctuations between the two borders are often seen, sometimes by animals crossing, sometimes anything else.

It may be recalled that several incidents have taken place even before this, including the incident in 2015 when Indian authorities caught a pigeon at Pathankot. The issue was later raised by India, which accused Pakistan of sending the pigeon to India as a spy.


Also in May 2020, Indian Border Force officials claimed to have captured a pigeon, which a Pakistani villager later admitted to owning and denying allegations of espionage and terrorism.


Remember that such incidents between India and Pakistan are always in the news.

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