Amity Park Cheats For Amity Park Game

Amity park is a game which is an implementation of a show actually part of user needs “amity park cheats” to enjoy in Game,” Danny Phantom” from Nickelodeon. It is a dating game where you control Danny, who is half-ghost and has superpowers. The game is set in a spot called Amity park, It is a grown-up game where you have Danny’s public activity and complete a couple of things referenced in the agenda to push ahead with the game.

Here are couple of Amity Park Cheats Code List:

  • Mean_Green
  • Better_INVT
  • Strong_Billy
  • Health Juice
  • Five Smacker
  • Pervy Vision

How to use Amity park cheats codes?

Enter the cheat codes as the process is very simple, just you need to go to Danny’s PC, click on the PC and the PC at the base you’ll find Amity park’s logo click on that and here you need to type in the codes and Voila!

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This code allows you to open new outfit choices, you can alter and have the outfit you like the most for your character. You can make your character look as cool as you need it to be.


This code allows you to play Danny’s exceptional collectibles that he has on his Computer which is quite funny.


This code will furnish you with 100 orgone’s, you can check your orgone status when you click on Danny’s subtleties.

Health Juice:

This code gives you +100 powers in the game and your player will acquire energy as you apply in the code.

Five Smacker:

This cheat is the best this gives you cash, so type in Five Smackers and you’ll get cash, it gives you 500 all at once, you can utilize the code consistently to get more money.

Pervy Vision:

This code is to open every one of the secured scenes in the game, you do that typically by finishing the given assignments and with levels, they open in the game yet on the off chance that you need you can open them by utilizing this code.

The famous dating game Amity Park’ is now an exceptionally entrancing game yet by utilizing certain cheat codes you can make your game significantly more super. Here’s a finished manual for those codes.

Amity Park an entertaining game dependent on the public activity of Danny Phantom, a kid who is half-apparition and has certain superpowers and a vigilante who battles apparitions, the game depends on the well known animation character of Nick TV. The game is adult game, and you need to control Danny’s public activity and complete the missions.

Past versions Cheat Codes

On the off chance that you are using  a previous version of the game, you can also  attempt these cheat codes:

Keep in mind: Cheat code to open all scenes

Moar Powah: This cheat code gives +100 orgone

Life Up: This cheat code gives +100 wellbeing

Shiny Coins: This cheat code gives +500 cash or money

Coll Aholic: Collectibles code

Genie Secret: Cheat code to open new outfits

However, our suggestion is to refresh the game, play the most recent form and utilize the most recent cheat codes.

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