Causes of Dandruff and its Best Solution

Dandruff is common in both men and women. It causes frequent eager in the head and causes of dandruff embarrassment at a party. Stress is also a major cause of dehydration.

Causes of Dandruff

Dandruff is also a major cause of excessive use of shampoos, the chemicals found in some substandard shampoos are harmful to the skin.

A common symptom of dandruff is itching. Home remedies can be used to get rid of dandruff.

Lemon juice for dandruff

Lemons contain citric acid which helps to remove dry particles from the scalp. Lemon juice should be used in such a way that you can take a cotton ball and soak it in lemon juice and apply it on the scalp where there is dryness. Leave it on for a while and then wash your hair with standard shampoo. You will soon see the effects.

Coconut oil for dandruff

Coconut oil is an effective treatment for dandruff. Heat a little coconut oil lightly and mix lemon juice in it, apply this oil on the scalp and massage for a while then wash the hair with lukewarm water and do this process for 3 days. Repeat at intervals of the day. You will see the best results in a few days.

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Onion juice for dandruff

Onions have anti-fungal properties that kill the fungus. Take a medium-sized onion and extract its juice. Apply this juice to the part of the head where there are dandruff and fungus particles.

Egg-yolk for dandruff

Egg yolk has anti-dandruff properties. Applying egg yolk on the scalp will also eliminate itching and get rid of dryness.

Baking soda for dandruff

Baking soda is an important ingredient in every home kitchen, its anti-fungal properties help to remove dryness from the scalp. The method of using it is to first wet the hair and eat on the scalp. Apply soda, then rub by hand and leave for a while, then just wash the scalp with water, at first the hair will look dry but later you will feel that natural lubrication is developing on the scalp and the dryness is disappearing.

Amla hair oil for dandruff

Amla hair oil is useful for hair, it causes a lot of itching in the head due to dandruff. To be safe from this itch, apply amla on the scalp and it would be better to wash the hair with amla powder. It will also eliminate dandruff. And dandruff will stop hair loss.

Aloe Vera for dandruff

Aloe Vera is rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals. It also has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. The way to get rid of dandruff with Aloe Vera is to apply Aloe Vera gel on the dry parts and leave it for a while, then wash the scalp.

Garlic paste

Garlic has antibacterial, antibacterial, and antibiotic properties. The way to get rid of dandruff with garlic is to grind garlic and make a paste of it and apply it on the scalp and then wash it off after a while.

All of the above solutions are useful for causes of dandruff.

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