Digital Marketing Career in India Future Growth and Scope

We know that either you are thinking of making a career in digital marketing in India or want to know more about it, as you have done a Google search to make digital marketing your best career and you find this article.

When we think of a career in digital marketing, many questions arise in our minds like:

  1. Why digital marketing important to learn
  2. What are the different vertical / fields I can insert?
  3. What is the salary?
  4. What is career development in digital marketing?
  5. Where and how to learn the required skills?

Through this blog, we will try to answer all your questions and by the end of this blog, we promise that you will be one step closer to making the right career choice.

Scope of Digital Marketing in India

Today, organizations are awakening each day to the way that digital marketing is extremely applicable and is no longer an option. Times of India has reported that by 2022, Digital Marketing would create 2.5 Lakh job opportunities inside India.

Take a gander at how JIO infiltrates the market as Airtel diminishes prices. Do you remember the last time you focused without turning channels on those paper advertisements or TV ads? All things considered, there’s a change in the outlook of how individuals consume knowledge.

The sales pitching standard of today is driven by individuals for individuals. Individuals trust your words more than the news or TV channels. As of December 2020, India has around 350 million+ Facebook users, and this figure is a pointer that roughly half of India’s Internet-utilizing population needs to organize. About 103.5 crore individuals in India are utilizing cell phones today. The days are gone when individuals utilized their landline. Cell phones in this day and age are ubiquitous!

The Career in Digital marketing in India – Different verticals

Digital Marketing career path may give different opportunities. On the off chance that you love coding, you can go for web designing or you can live your affection for composing by turning into a content writer. The other regular Digital Marketing career verticals are – SEO Analyst, Social Media Manager, You Tuber, Affiliate Marketer, and so forth.

You can even provide your services as a freelancer on the venture premise or become an entrepreneur or can even make a career in Digital Marketing in India if you are an expert in some regional language as marketing in rustic regions and through local languages is booming.

let us take you through the most well-known profiles accessible in Online Marketing Career in India: –

Web Developer and Web Designer

A web designer or developer is one who is answerable for coding, designing, and maintaining sites. All in all, you can say that these are individuals behind those astonishing website pages you search on the web.

Prior Knowledge of languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, .NET, and CMS like WordPress and Magento, and so forth is required. You can also provide your valuable services as a freelancer or on a project basis also. Average Salary Rs 3 lacs to 5 lacs.

Search engine optimization (SEO) Analyst/Expert

SEO individuals are the person who is answerable for getting traffic to the site by improving the Google search rankings of your website. They ensure that your website page is optimized by web indexes, web and are portably agreeable, and liberated from crawling issues. You can work as a specialist and can also embrace online tasks. Web optimization is the best carrier plan for individuals trying for a decent digital marketing career in India. Average Salary Rs 2.5 lacs to 6 lacs.

Social Media Executive or Social Median Manager

Social Media Executive or Manager is the individual who handles the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and so forth. They intently follow social media and keep a note of social-based media patterns, organize with content and designs team. The only prerequisite for this profile is wide-ranging social media platforms knowledge and a creative bent of mind. Average Salary Rs 3.5 lacs to 7 lacs.

Search Engine Marketing or PPC Expert

These people are responsible for those sometimes useless and sometimes valuable advertisements which you see while browsing the web. These profiles are in huge demand as it produces a ton of leads for the business. The significant responsibilities include keywords research for advertisement duplicates, overseeing ad groups, improving landing pages, increase search and analytics, and organize with the innovative team for ad copies and graphics.

SEM is a decent digital marketing carrier alternative for individuals who have an analytical mind. Average Salary Rs 3.5 lacs to 5 lacs.

Content Writer and Content Marketer

On the off chance that you have a skill of content writing and content marketing, the substance essayist is the most appropriate profile for you in the event that you are trying a digital marketing carrier in India. Remember writing for the web is very different from your exposition writing or book writing.

A content Marketer is an individual who is responsible for creating optimized and trending content, planning with the SEO team, keyword research, and so forth. You can likewise work as a freelancer or on a project basis. This profile is a hot profile as the requirement for content has expanded definitely. The lone necessity for this profile is acceptable to order over language and imagination in the manner of thinking. Average Salary Rs 7 lacs to 10 lacs.

Content Writer and Content Marketer

There are few other profiles likewise relying upon an individual ability and interest and association’s necessity:-

  • CRM Manager
  • Email Marketing Manager
  • E-Commerce Manager
  • Analytical Manager
  • Affiliate Marketer
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