Homemade face pack for pimples and fairness

No doubt, skin color, and complexion make your personality enhancive and graceful. When you are entered at the age of nineteen, at that time, be ready to face acne, pimples, pigmentation, and dull complexion issues. In this situation and circumstances, you should ready yourself for treatments and facing different problems of skins.

Especially when you wanted to attend any significant event that time pimples pop on your face. These obtrusive may you insist on leaving some special occasion and staying alone at home. These obtrusive leave their marks on your skin, and at that time, you need some natural home remedies to get rid of sticky pimples. Apply some face pack for pimples and getting fair glowing skin. This face pack helps you out to skin tone up and control the extra oil.

Use turmeric milk and Aloe Vera face pack

Turmeric is a natural source and also belongs to the ginger family. Turmeric is used for flavor and colorization and is also too much beneficial for health, injuries, and ailments. Aloe vera and turmeric have anti-bacterial properties, making them astounding and excellent ingredients for acne’s unique treatments. This particular face pack for the pimple and acne.


  1. Take one teaspoon of turmeric
  2. Take one tablespoon aloe vera
  3. Two tablespoon milk
  4. Mix it well and apply your skin smoothly, first scrubbing on your face and leave it for 15 minutes.

Gram flour, rice flour, and honey face pack

Gram flour purifies the skin and with a mixture of honey. Honey is a particular and good source of antioxidants that provide great soothe and comfort from the pimples and give fresh and glowing skin. Gram flour and rice flour with honey remove all pigmentation and extra oil for the skin. This Gram flour, rice flour, and honey face pack for pimples and fairness, these ingredients are specially used as the cleanser and double-action cleanser.

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Add some gram flour, and the same quantity of rice flour, and a little quantity of honey. Mix it well and apply this face pack on your skin for 25 minutes.

Fenugreek face pack for pimples and fairness

Fenugreek seeds work quickly, and these seeds work as the antibiotic that is crucial for the skin and treatments of pimples. These antiseptic and antibiotic seeds are commonly used in different home remedies for pimple, which is very effective for healing spots and skin allergies or infections.


  1. Take 2 -3 tablespoon fenugreek seeds and soak them overnight and grind these seeds well until they turn into a paste.
  2. Apply this fenugreek paste smoothly on your face and naked body areas.
  3. Leave it for 10 to 20 minutes.

Wash it with lukewarm water and repeat this method thrice in a week to get the best results.

This paste provides the best results, purifies your skin pores, and removes extra oil, pigmentation, blemish, and roughness.

How do I can remove the pimples within a week?

It’s not a laborious process to get rid of the pimples within a week or month; if you use some natural ingredients and home remedies, it’s relatively easy to remove pimples. First, follow some suggestions we tell you here.

  1. Change your routine and habits
  2. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables
  3. Drink lots of water minimum of 8 to 12 glass a day
  4. Use fresh milk, yogurt in your diet
  5. Wash your face twice daily
  6. Remove makeup before going to bed
  7. Wear sunscreen every day
  8. Use non-comedogenic products
  9. Avoid refined sugar
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