How to Build a Desert House in Minecraft

The only thing holding you back in Minecraft is your imagination, the possibilities are endless, and you can build almost anything you can think of. There are multiple biomes and locations in which you can create your dream house and today. We’d like to focus on the desert!

The desert may seem a lonely place to many, but not in Minecraft. The Minecraft deserts are not vast and are beautiful, especially the ones with the villages. There are many notable structures in the desert, viz. the desert temple and towns.

So why not capitalize on this and build a Minecraft Desert house?

How to build a desert house in Minecraft!

When building in the desert, you should pick readily available blocks. Sandstone and polished sandstone will be our primary materials to build with. In addition to these blocks, we’d need a tree block for the furniture and doors!

Wood blocks that work in the desert are Birch and Spruce, but let your imagination run wild and try using some newer blocks. The warped blue wood looks excellent as well, and the, blue color contrasts with the white and chill sandstone.

minecraft desert house

Next start by building square blocks with the sandstone block, for some additional texture, keep adding and polished sandstone in between. After you make a square structure, it should look like this. Now, remember to keep the structure small but not so mall that there is no space to live inside. We need our Minecraft Desert House to be spacious!

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minecraft desert house

After this structure is built, with your creativity, start placing these structures next to each other, making some big and some slight variation, making this into a great house eventually, and once you’re satisfied with the structure adding little details to liven up the build is the only thing left to do.

Wooden fences and slabs look great as railings and roofs; make sure to use them extensively, just like in the above-given image!

Once you know how to build using this block structure technique, you can go crazy and build large castles as well; there’s no limit.

minecraft desert house

When building, the main thing to keep in mind is that a desert is a hot place, and building a house with a roof would look stupid, as it never rains in deserts. Hence they are always dry. A Minecraft desert house should resemble something that is built in a desert i.e without any slanting roofs!

Adding some bushes and trees isn’t a bad idea, but then again, keep in mind that it is a desert, it won’t have spruce trees growing there. Instead, make use of leaf blocks with fences to make artificial small trees.

Minecraft is a game where anything can happen if you put your mind to, even large castles, though it may seem daunting, you’ll get there eventually. I hope you’ll like this How to make a house in the desert blog. I can’t get too specific as it will take a video to show you a step-by-step process.

But that isn’t good, you need to keep building on your own to make great builds, and once you get a hang of it, desert houses will become easier!

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