How to Gain Weight in 15 days

How we gain weight within two weeks? We think about this; how is it possible? But you need not worry; we are here. Suppose you have a perfect figure that makes your presence suitable and enhancive. Indeed this article gives the facility how you fulfill your dream. The underweight people mostly considered that they are ill. If you are not having some particular schedule and time setting in your life, you cannot gain weight. There are different diet plans and exercise schedules for skinny people—slim and thin; lean figure people lose their beauty and confidence.

If you want to stay healthily organized and fit with a graceful personality, you should quickly augment your snack planning and meal, and on the other hand, you should do some exercises for weight gain.

Some extra tips for weight gain:

  • By setting your schedule
  • Change your habits
  • Taking your meal in short snacks 5 to 6 times a day
  • Taking exercise daily
  • Avoid the drinking of water before the feast; if you are drinking water before a meal; it cuts your appetite

Everyone is busy in their daily or schedule pursuits; they needed some extra calories. Those people with lean and thick figure appearance need some extra calories to maintain their weight and figure. For the best and additional ordinary maintenance of sculpture, they need to take care of their diet, take some natural healthy food, and gain a maximum of 3 to 5 kg (or required result).

How we get the required results in 15 days

There are we discussing different tips and suggestions for weight gain in 15 days. This article may help you to gain weight instantly with beneficial advice. Keep reading

Need of some extra calories

A person who wants to increase their weight also he needed 1000 to 1200 extra calories every day. But height is the main factor in weight gain. Your activities and metabolic rate considered maybe it’s also helping out to gain weight in 15 days. Select the high calories foods and profound soups of different beans and lentils etc.; moreover use some fruits like apricot and red beets etc.


  1. Replace your low calories diet with high calories
  2. Consume 100 to 1200 calories per day
  3. Use avocado, red beans, lentils, cereals, and high calories foods.

Double your snack

You want to gain weight in 15 days; you should change your eating habits. Must consume three meals properly and with small snacks, taking small snacks in the mid of noon and mid-evening. Eat something after 2 hours and try to add extra food to your regular meal.


  1. Eating meal three times properly with high calories food
  2. Taking some small snacks in each day maximum of 2 -3
  3. By following this thing indeed, a small amount of fat adds to your body and builds up your body structure with prominent change
  4. When you are frequently eating, this habit increases your appetite, and your metabolism works fast.

Change your sleeping habits

When a person’s nerves relax and eyes closed themselves, this condition is called sleep; sleep is the essential part of our life. Sleep also increases muscle mass, which is why 6 to 8 hours of sleep is best for everyone. With less sleeping time man’s body drops the weight quickly.

Sleep is an involuntary action. We cannot see this, but we can feel it, and all automatic action and muscle relaxation help out gain weight within 15 to 20 days.

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Use fruits and juices

Those people who want to increase their weight with home remedies and natural ingredients, use red beets, apricots, cereals, squash, raisins, bananas, dates, beans, corn, potatoes, etc.; carrot juice boosts the stomach and enhances movement; moreover, this juice prepares the small intestine’s enzymes. If you are using this juice before the meal, it also develops the digestion of the nutrients. The metabolism boosts up with the fresh juice, and especially with carrot juice, it offers the power to absorb the total nutrients.


  1. Use the carrot juice before the meal (maximum half an hour)
  2. Boost your stomach by using different fresh juices.


Who is looking for weight gain and Wanted to get rid of the lean and skinny body? There are different exercises for weight gain.

  1. Squats
  2. Push up
  3. Abdominal exercises

Some useful suggestions which really help out you to gain weight within 15 days

  • move low calories to high calories
  • sleeping time maximum 6 to 8 hours each night
  • taking exercise and yoga regularly
  • use natural ingredients
  • don’t depress
  • motivate yourself ‘’I can do it’’
  • avoid alcohol and smoking
  • increase your meal
  • change your eating habits
  • use creatine supplements
  • Drink enough liquid
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