How to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft

In Minecraft, there are two different types of transportations. The first is horizontal with horses and the second one is vertical Minecraft systems, but the second one is vertical with an elevator. Most of the users have been interested in making vertical Minecraft water elevators because moving up and down can be caused time communing without proper speed or fly mods. If you want to travel in a safe and effective way try Minecraft water elevator. It’s a simple device to use that neither requires expertise nor knows how redstone wiring. In this article, I will give you an effective way to build minecraft elevator to move quickly up and down.

How to make a minecraft water elevator

There are several essential blocks you need to make an elevator, but I will share the best one with you, these are Magma and Soul Sand blocks. These blocks used for creating bubbles that help you to move up and down. The Magma block creates bubbles in your water elevator that moves you down, and the Soul Sand creates bubbles in your elevator water that move you up.

We have explained in the guide below how to these Soul Sand and Magma blocks to create a water elevator that moves you up and or down. You don’t need to follow the pattern that we have made. Be creative with your own elevator. The only thing that you need to follow is that you must use Magma for down, and the Soul Sand for up.

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Step No 01

You can use any type of block to create the wall of your elevator. We will use glass to create a water elevator. The first thing is to collect glass. How much glass do we need to create an elevator? It depends on you how long the elevator you want. If you want the elevator to go up to eight blocks, multiply this height with four it’s 32. You need to get 32 blocks of glass.

Step No 02

Once you have glass, you want to get a water source bucket. Simply craft a bucket and collect water in these glasses.

Step No 03

Finally, go to the nether. In nether you will find Magma and Soul Sand blocks you will need. These blocks will spawn anywhere in the nether so just explore and find them.

Step No 04

Since you have accumulated the entirety of the materials, the primary thing you need to do when you make a Minecraft water elevator is to develop your glass enclosure. This needs to have an empty square in the center of the four segments that you need to make. This can be just about as high as you need, depend upon you how much distance you need to go with your water elevator. Ensure that you leave a two-block tall opening in one of the sides of the segment. This will be where you enter your water elevator.

Step No 05

Presently, go into your water elevator. While your back is to the Minecraft water elevator, place your entryway in the open space. This will prevent the flow of water from spilling outside of the water elevator.

Step No 06

Presently what you need to do is fill the Minecraft water elevator with water from your water container from the top block. This will make the water stream down in the middle of the glass blocks of your water elevator. The issue with this technique is that each water block should be a source block. The best approach to fix this is with kelp.

Step No 07

Fill your water with the help of kelp. By placing the kelp it will cause each flowing water block to become a source block.

Step No 08

Presently you should simply supplant the block at the actual lower part of the elevator with either a magma block or a block. Changing the block at the base with soul sand will make the elevator push you upwards. Changing the block at the base with a magma block will make the elevator move you downwards.

Congratulations you have made a water elevator in minecraft.


Water elevators are good ways to move downwards and upwards in your base. This is the best and most effective way to create a water elevator in minecraft. I hope this article helped you to create your own water elevator in minecraft.

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