Oman once again banned residents of 10 countries from entering

According to the latest reports, the Corona Virus (COVID-19) has once again engulfed the world. According to reports, government officials have expressed concern over the growing number of cases in the Gulf state of Oman.

Oman had also announced travel bans yesterday after an increase in cases of corona.

On February 23, 2021, the Omani government imposed a temporary ban on the entry of residents of many countries into Oman for a period of fifteen days. However, the ban has not been uplift due to upturn cases.

According to international media, Oman has amplified the temporary ban on the entry of travelers from different countries, including Sudan and Lebanon, in view of the increase in the number of daily cases of corona virus. The countries from which the Omani government has banned entry include Sudan, Lebanon, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Ethiopia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

According to the Oman News Agency, if any of the above countries has traveled in the last 14 days, the travel ban will also apply to him and he will not be allowed to enter the country of Oman. However, Omani citizens, diplomats, medical workers and their families traveling to countries will be exempt from this ban.

They will be able to enter Oman, but they will have to abide by all the restrictions and regulations in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. It should be noted that a partial lockdown was announced in the Gulf state of Oman from March 4. Oman’s anti-Corona committee said a week-long lockdown had been decided following a sharp rise in Corona cases in the country. Under this, from March 4 to March 11, all business and commercial activities will be suspended in all provinces and cities from 8 pm to 5 am. The ban will also apply to tourist centers, restaurants and cafe shops. Home delivery will also be suspended. However, hospitals, health centers, medical stores and petrol pumps will be allowed to remain open all night. All educational institutions will be closed during this one week.

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