Power of Positive Thinking

In his book, Power of positive thinking Norman Vincent Peale says that:

There is not even a single problem and obstacle that can hold you back if you have faith in yourself.

You should always increase your happiness by filling yourself with positive thoughts.

Following Are The Main Points From Power Of Positive Thinking:

  • Always Decide To Be Happy:

In our life, we can create our happiness. We can do it by our self by having positive thoughts and doing good stuff that also makes others happy, we have the key to our happiness and it will always depend on our self.

You can do it by making a mental list of your thoughts and putting all your bad thoughts in it and then one by one subtract every one of your bad thoughts with your good thoughts.

  • Expect The Best & Be the Best:

In life when you expect the best from yourself you will get the best but if start thinking about the problems bad things will happen in your life and you’ll be demotivated by it. When you try to change your mental state of mind and replace doubt with the belief you will achieve many things and this needs faith.

To have a good faith, try the given steps :

  • Whenever you face a difficult task always tell yourself that God is there for you and you can di and overcome any hard task in front of you.
  • Give yourself some spiritual time to think positive thoughts, get rid of any kind of sadness.

Your thoughts are very powerful because they can change your life from the inside and It will have an impact on the outside, if you’ll create negative outcomes in your mind then you will end with nothing but a problem in your life so you need to always think of positive thoughts to avoid the negative outcomes.

  • Giving Up Is Not An Option

In our life whenever we think about defeat we choose to accept it and giving up on our hopes, so we should apply a mindset of never giving up in our life and always thought of winning in any circumstances and when you face your problems they don’t seem that strong as you were thinking of them

If from the past you’ve been feeding yourself with a negative attitude and negative thoughts then in the future you will subconsciously speak to yourself that nothing is possible and you will be filled with all the negativity in your life. You should tell yourself that anything is possible and fill your mind with a positive attitude.

  • Solve Your Problems:

We always face problems in our lifetime to time, but we can solve them by having a strong faith and belief so we can overcome the problems. For the best outcome, you can try the following steps

    • Put your trust in God’s hand. Praying is always one of the best ideas because it helps you maintain your hope.
    • You have to boost your faith by trusting God because not every time the results will go your way

Have Faith In Yourself

  • Fill your mind with positive concepts.’’ We have built ourselves with how we think of ourselves when we thought of the fear of what would happen next, it would always result in a bad outcome. So to avoid that we should fill our thoughts with faith, positivity & confidence.

‘’ One day Peale met a salesman who was looking to be very positive and confident in his work. Because he had a lot of time alone with his thought. So there he realized whenever he filled his head with bad thoughts he would feel defeated and lost, but when he thinks of positive thoughts everything would feel beautiful like he was free’’

  • Cultivate a Peaceful Mind:
    • Always have peaceful conversations. It always depends a lot on who you are having a conversation with and it can affect your whole mood in so always have a mindful conversation with people. if a person seems to be rude or aggressive avoid talking to it because it also has negative upon you.
    • Stay Silent. Sometimes being silent is more than a wise decision so learn to use silence. The writer of the book has also recommended using at least 15 minutes of complete silence treatment.
  • Stop The Worrying:

Do meditation exercise for the mind and your body every day for staying healthy and apart of all the worrying.

Try to fill your mind with positive thoughts and get rid of the negative ones. Your mind cannot stay empty for a long time so always fill it with hope and faith. Always seek God for peace and protecting you and your loved ones. When you have hope and faith in your mind nothing can cause fear over your mind.

  • Avoid  Anger & Negative Emotions:

Mental disturbance has been linked to fever. When the blood circulates through the lining of the nose our mental state is affected by it.  Making the area vital for infections. For example, a young boy was treated by doctors for having cold numerous times, each time the doctor thought that he was having some problems in his life. The fever went away when the boy faced his problems and he started living a much peaceful life.

  • Get Easy To Be Liked:

The writer of the book once dealing with a man who was not easily liked by others so he wanted to know the reason why. When he found out that the men have a problem with his attitude and were critical of other people, he gave him some tips. After when he practiced those tips he thought of every person with love and affection. A dit made others like him.

We have to work on ourselves to be more productive and helpful to others as well.  Always be helpful in life. We have to learn to love our life to the fullest and also help other people as well because helping them will establish a connection between them. Always make others happy.

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