Sri Lanka to ban burka, and other face coverings and shut more than 1,000 Islamic schools

March 14: According to the latest reports, the Sri Lankan government has banned the use of burqas and other face wears on the basis of national security.

Public Safety Minister Sira Weerasikara told the BBC he had signed a cabinet order which now requires parliamentary approval.

The government added that it would ban the burqa as well as close more than 1,000 Islamic educational institutions, with this latest actions raising fears that minorities Muslims population in Sri Lanka would be affected.

In addition, the government on Saturday announced the use of controversial anti-terrorism law to combat religious extremism and broad powers to detain suspects up to two years in prison for self-determination. Provided.

Public Safety Minister Sira Weersasikara told a news conference that she had signed a paper on Friday seeking cabinet approval for a ban on the burqa, an outer garment that covers the body and face. And a number of Muslim women wear it.

He said “In our early days, these Muslim women and girls never wore them, which is a sign of the religious extremism that has recently emerged, for which the government is taking steps to ban”.

Elaborating further, he said that a bill has yet to be passed in parliament to make the burqa illegal, in which the Government has two-Thai majority.

The Sri Lankan government’s move has sparked outrage among Muslims around the world.

It may be recalled that the Sri Lankan government had earlier ordered to burn Muslims affected by COVI-19, which was recently lifted at the request of international pressure and the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan who has recently visit Sri Lanka.

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